Product Solutions for Highest Energy Efficiency, Reliability and Long Service Life

Pumps are used in all industries for a wide variety of applications.
Wherever liquids are pumped, trouble-free and energy-efficient operation is essential.
To ensure this, every detail must be right. Schaeffler offers the appropriate Rolling Bearing solutions for this purpose. 

The basis for the design of the bearing arrangement of liquid pumps is the operating data, primarily the effective bearing forces, speeds and lubrication conditions. The required bearing design, arrangement and load rating derive from this.
With our free online calculation services, you can carry out your own service life calculations of individual bearings or shaft models in order to select the optimum design. 

The perfect system should have maximum availability.
Intelligent service solutions not only reduce costs, working time and risks, but also make user-friendly and safe work conditions possible. From intelligent condition monitoring, automatic lubricators and premium lubricants to Expert Services, Schaeffler as a competent partner offers comprehensive solutions for the entire life cycle of rolling bearings in liquid pumps.
The Service Solutions are essential building blocks for a competitive production of tomorrow. 
Make maximum use of the service life of your bearings and avoid unplanned downtimes with the help of innovative solutions - even for units for which preventive or predictive measures have so far seemed too cost-intensive.